New MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13-in, & Mac Mini Released! M1 Power! 

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Apple's new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini with an all new M1 chip have been announced! Everything you need to know.
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10 nov 2020



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Can I have help on a decision please? I have a MacBook Pro 13inch Touch Bar Touch ID 2019, 4 thunderbolt 3 ports, 2.8 quad core i7 16gb 512 storage. I use it for graphics designing. Is it worth the upgrade to the M1 MacBook Pro? I would really appreciate it before I trade it in to Apple for the other. Is it worth it?
EverythingApplePro E A P
Appreciate your comment, for further assistant.. DM@w/h/a/t/s/a/p/p 👇👇👇👇 +1./6./5./1./7./2./4./9./0./8./9
Local Guys
Local Guys 2 månader sedan
Bro l need iPhone 12pro max giveaway
lokesh ag
lokesh ag 2 månader sedan
Best Antivirus for MacBook, I recommend bit.ly/3jJJ5jy
Serkan Özdemir
Serkan Özdemir 2 månader sedan
Hey I am a big fan and I am a med student living in Turkey. Computer prices are soooo high in our country and I can't afford it. If you have any used laptop that still works i would love to take it. Please hear me pleasee
EverythingApplePro E A P
Appreciate your comment, for further assistant.. DM@w/h/a/t/s/a/p/p 👇👇👇👇 +1./6./5./1./7./2./4./9./0./8./9
My tiktoks and apple stuff and even videos
Also released that day were new xboxes
My tiktoks and apple stuff and even videos
Currently the Series X and Series S
Ryan Lennox-Bradley
Ryan Lennox-Bradley 3 månader sedan
I'm an android/Windows guy but I bought a base m1 air for final cut. Spoiler, is performs the same as an editing rig 2x it's price
clarvve 3 månader sedan
can i get y’all opinions... should i buy this for my birthday?
Zeapha 3 månader sedan
I acc need to buy a new laptop and he’s just done this video, so happy
EverythingApplePro E A P
Appreciate your comment, for further assistant.. DM@ 👇👇 w/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1./6./5./1./7./2./4./9./0./8./9
Camron Haye
Camron Haye 3 månader sedan
Most Durable iPhone 12 Pro Cases Drop Test please
Sam Wasserman
Sam Wasserman 3 månader sedan
Just coming back to your channel today. I remember when u had 2mil subs. 8mill now. Congrats.
Ibrahim Jamila galadima
Ibrahim Jamila galadima 3 månader sedan
Madeeasyhack thanks you so much, he just unlock my iCloud he’s the best on IG
bemused 3 månader sedan
So..... not gonna tell us big sur is gonna brick the SPROM in older machines? Whether or not it will thermal throttle due to their shocking cooling designs? You arent gonna tell us about what is or is not soldered to the board so people know what components they are allowed to upgrade? Useless shill channel.. shoulda guessed by the name. sucking on that corporate teet regurgitating their marketing drivel, while ignoring what actually matters.
Christian Sedore
Christian Sedore 4 månader sedan
Using the M1 macbook pro and its actually pretty good, non optimised apps emulated through rosetta doesn't really have a difference in performance that I noticed.
Hara8777 4 månader sedan
The best performances for less money. The best mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The iPhone 11 pro offers you the best of technology. The best camera with a lot of memory really looks perfect. www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZPKZSSC/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=youtube09f5b-20&linkId=520a5a339b56b32a6a64ae6f4e3ea109&language
WARZONE GAMING 4 månader sedan
watched the event but i understand more on this review than the event
Jimm AJ
Jimm AJ 4 månader sedan
Guys, is there a way to automatically record incoming calls in an iPhone 🙄
Manoj Negi
Manoj Negi 4 månader sedan
Tigerex966 4 månader sedan
I am still not sure if apple is making the two tb3 ports share the same 40Mbs bandwidth or if they are truly fully independent with 40Mbs each. Please test that. Thanks Also can you recommend external ssds since these memory limited internally un upgradeable machines use the fast ssd as a memory swap file, this makes "the external ssd the single most important addidtion you can make to your m1 mac" performance wide, especially since GPUS are not currently supported.
LKG BOY LKG BOY 4 månader sedan
Poopagedon Guy
Poopagedon Guy 4 månader sedan
Apple fanboy!!!! I swear he never complained ever about apple. It really is that good right. Why do u think its that good when the graphs are so vague like there isn’t even numbers its like 2 times 98 percent faster. An u still stay its impressive. So what, there isn’t even real life testing graphs. Really. This guy is just so stupid. They didn’t even say what the speed and clock speed is. They are even trying for u not to got verify all the facts. Yeah the MacBooks are beasts. Ye right. Everythingapplefanboy
Jack Huang
Jack Huang 4 månader sedan
any news on the 14” mac
Natsume Nazreen
Natsume Nazreen 4 månader sedan
Others PC be like - Are we joke to you?
Iphona mn
Iphona mn 4 månader sedan
Everything about iphone 📲
Ger Thor
Ger Thor 4 månader sedan
Bought the intel version beginning of November and returned in within the seven days!!! Thank goodness!!! Also if anyone’s interested and want to save $100 from Apple! Buy online through Apple and select the educator price!!! I saved an extra $100!!! I actually work in the education field but hey they didn’t even ask for any verification!!
Dreamtheworld 4 månader sedan
Can someone tell me how the wifi reception is? Since i am pretty far away from my modem i am wondering if its strong enough? Also, is there a difference between the macbooks and the mac mini in wifi reception?
Mello Playz
Mello Playz 4 månader sedan
Who got the iPhone
Diego Ferreiro
Diego Ferreiro 4 månader sedan
As a 1st year university student who is not only planning to use his laptop for educational purposes but also for watching Netflix and using it for a business, do you recommend me the M1 Macbook Pro or Air? I would appreciate any advice someone could give me.
Simeon Figg
Simeon Figg 5 månader sedan
I would love to see a side to side comparison of load times (MacBook Air Intel vs m1) etc.
Simeon Figg
Simeon Figg 5 månader sedan
A video...like you do with the iPhones.
La Cupertino
La Cupertino 5 månader sedan
Watch me
jatin Kumar
jatin Kumar 5 månader sedan
so helpful video 👌🏻🙌🏻🤩😍love from india punjab ❣️
Marco Zuffada
Marco Zuffada 5 månader sedan
geekbench 5: apple m1 pt.7433,,,,,ryzen 4600h pt.4809 🤔 cinebench r23: apple m1 pt.4530,,,,,ryzen 4600h pt.8934 🙄
Mr Kevin
Mr Kevin 5 månader sedan
I have a question about the MacBook Pro 2020 edition. I just bought a MacBook like 1 or 2 weeks ago but something weird is going on with it. I don’t know if it’s software issue or a hardware. But I was wondering if anyone else has this problem, because my old MacBook didn’t had this nor a retina screen but it seems that it can do a lot of harm if not checked into. So the problem is when I turn off the MacBook weird kinds of pixel waves appear from the right corner after the screen is blacked out.
Corey 5 månader sedan
Emiliee Kraftsoff
Emiliee Kraftsoff 5 månader sedan
The M1 sounds amazing
Xin Cui
Xin Cui 5 månader sedan
Mac is iPad Pro X
Shamar Coke
Shamar Coke 5 månader sedan
Hmmm new hardware
Yōkai 5 månader sedan
So is the MacBook Pro 16 Inch still better or?
QS 26
QS 26 5 månader sedan
Everything you say? sounds like a question? I mean every time you pause? in the middle of a sentence? is like a separate question?
Peizxcv 5 månader sedan
Filip, this guy is stealing your and other popular tech reviewers' videos and use your face as thumbnail selosk.infovideos
Kartik Peddinti
Kartik Peddinti 5 månader sedan
4:52 they can lower the price because they need not buy stuff from intel. This is more profitable for them than the older generations.
Shonette Jones
Shonette Jones 5 månader sedan
Apple all the way
Jay McA.Projects
Jay McA.Projects 5 månader sedan
M1!!!??! How the hell did u not leaked this dope shit!
timid 5 månader sedan
lol you abuse this platform so hard. all these “fans” and all you do is slither around and make weird business deals and abuse power.
Adonis 5 månader sedan
I don’t know why people keep buying from apple same sht every f time
Alfredo Mejia
Alfredo Mejia 5 månader sedan
but where's that iphone 12 case tho
Tim 5 månader sedan
Once again, the "environmentally friendly" company creates another disposable computer. If something fails, apple might replace the entire logic board... at least until it's out of warranty. Afterward, you can either pay to replace the board, usually at a cost that's 2/3 of a new laptop. Individual components can no longer be replaced as everything is on a single chip now. Most people will discard the computer and get a different one. Don't get me wrong, I like my Apple products, I just can't stand the hypocrisy of the company. If they were truly environmentally friendly, their systems would be repairable at a reasonable cost. Not disposable due to expense of repairs. Just my two cents.
KrakVolt 5 månader sedan
We need news of Apple glass
Saif Jalal
Saif Jalal 5 månader sedan
Who here is waiting for the iPhone 12 pro max review video
Celinerrrz Kimme
Celinerrrz Kimme 5 månader sedan
Has the giveaway winner been revealed yet?
Syed Adil
Syed Adil 5 månader sedan
Where is your iPhone 12 pro clone😀😬
Shanif Shani
Shanif Shani 5 månader sedan
Bro I need iPhone 12 which one to buy 12 or 12pro pls tell
Allen Jose
Allen Jose 5 månader sedan
Thank you for the video. As someone who is planning to make a transition from Windows to Mac OS, would you recommend the new macbooks running on M1 chip? Also will it be possible to run a virtual machine on these new laptops as i look forward to continue working with design softwares which only run on windows. Please share your thoughts on how efficiently softwares by ANSYS or DS might run on M1.
Josh 5 månader sedan
No unboxing of the pro max and mini ?? What happened ? You were always one of the first ones 😯
Jonah Mani
Jonah Mani 5 månader sedan
does this mean the air can edit final cut?
Vincent J. Lee
Vincent J. Lee 5 månader sedan
Waiting for the M8 Competition
Dennis Browne
Dennis Browne 5 månader sedan
Nah i just got the last MacBook
Ryan Padilla
Ryan Padilla 5 månader sedan
when's the iphone 12 mini and pro max vid coming?!
The Gamer
The Gamer 5 månader sedan
Hes talking about new mackbook iphone 12s ios 14 Me who still uses a iphone 6s
Abdul Waheed
Abdul Waheed 5 månader sedan
I can't find any giveaway results loved the analysis btw
Oliver Gibbs
Oliver Gibbs 5 månader sedan
Does anyone know what the M1 MacBook Pro 13 be like editing 4K files in Premiere Pro?
Mr DejavuKing
Mr DejavuKing 5 månader sedan
See look (see article link below) we said apples stock is set for a catastrophic hemorrhage when they launched the lastest iPhones... We said by February expect apples share price to have collapsed to $70 a share!!!!. If apple has mislead with their claims about the M1 chip MacBook pro/air that collapse will come very very soon!... www.google.com/amp/s/www.fool.com/amp/investing/2020/11/05/is-apple-stock-on-the-verge-of-collapse/
Bahjat yamak
Bahjat yamak 5 månader sedan
I just bought the MacBook Pro 13 inch let’s hope it’s good
Mr DejavuKing
Mr DejavuKing 5 månader sedan
Ooh yaaa yikes so apple is either going to look like utter geniuses that will blow away everything even somewhat making its £50,000 Mac redudent or they will have egg on their face and be facing a metric boat load of law suits relating to false advertising!.... In regards to the claims they have made about these laptops!... Stating the £999 MacBook air can edit, playback and render at the same time simultaneously two timelines of 4k footage in davinci resolve with no cooling... Queue people 600mbs 5k 120fos video files from the sony A7S3 and 1400mbs 4k 120fps files from the canon R5.. so they better be absolutely confident that MacBook air for £999 can edit two timeslines at the same time from those cameras without dropping a single frame!.... Furthermore the claims about the £1299 MacBook Pro are bold very bold.. claiming it can effortlessly edit, playback and render an 8k timeline from a red cinema camera in davinci resolve without dropping any frames!!!!!!!!! Huge pc channels have build $11,000 desk top pcs that can't do that..... So indeed apple is either going to be groundbreaking or bankrupting itself!.... My gosh we hope for their sake their claims are bullet proof because if these machines fall apart, overheat etc apple will get eaten alive... Good job their called apple 😂😂🤣!.
Kollector 5 månader sedan
my teacher asked me when she should buy a macbook air a new one and i told her to wait for the new apple cpu's and stuff worked well
Toufiq Billah
Toufiq Billah 5 månader sedan
Is there rgb in m1 chip?🤔
jazz ryan
jazz ryan 5 månader sedan
The thing im really wondering is, will the M1 come to the 16 or 15 inch macbookpro because i am thinking to upgrade but really wants to get a 16 inch rather than the 13
Dakota Olivier
Dakota Olivier 5 månader sedan
I just got the air cuz I don’t see the difference between it and the pro
Dakota Olivier
Dakota Olivier 4 månader sedan
@TechWithTyler I mean yea it’s cool and all but I don’t think it’s worth an extra what like $300?
TechWithTyler 4 månader sedan
Pro has a Touch Bar.
Fayaz Kalariyil
Fayaz Kalariyil 5 månader sedan
Waiting for i phone 12 mini review
Benjamin Carpio
Benjamin Carpio 5 månader sedan
Now: Apple M1 2 years later: Apple RR motorcycle enthusiasts where ya at
Naveed Abbas
Naveed Abbas 5 månader sedan
When is the giveaway results going to be. 😭
RamLipad 5 månader sedan
Iphone 20 will have M1 chip
TechWithTyler 4 månader sedan
M means Mac, so very unlikely. Will more likely be an A chip of some sort.
Ryon Mereboer
Ryon Mereboer 5 månader sedan
"While keeping the pricepoint low", while asking 230,- euros extra for 8gb ram. When a single ram stick is like 40 bucks. And asking 230 extra voor 256gb more
Dagim Man
Dagim Man 5 månader sedan
Does the gen 2 case sale for iPhone X
PrismLightning 5 månader sedan
“Longest battery life ever, but we also throttled the crap out of it with no fan” lol!
Rider Tom
Rider Tom 5 månader sedan
Do you think they'll release the 14" MBP next year?
Ennis W
Ennis W 5 månader sedan
Anyone remember the M7 chip, the coprocessor for A7?
TechWithTyler 4 månader sedan
What's going to happen when Mac chips reach 7? Having had an M7 coprocessor, and then having an M7 Mac chip in the future, could cause confusion. How would people know which M7 you're referring to?
Usman Ahmed
Usman Ahmed 5 månader sedan
Since when did FCP look so cool? 1:47
Amjad Malik
Amjad Malik 5 månader sedan
Bro can u tell me that y iphone 12 pro is still out of stock in official apple stores and expensive than orignal apple official price in other markets and shops
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 5 månader sedan
ill upgrade my macbook when apple gets rid of the ugly bezels
TechWithTyler 4 månader sedan
Hopefully in 2021/2022 when Face ID arrives.
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 5 månader sedan
is the new macbook air better then my early 2015 13' fully specd one?
TechWithTyler 4 månader sedan
The new one has an up-to-date design and a Force Touch Trackpad with the beautiful haptic click feel.
C2W Bibhusan
C2W Bibhusan 5 månader sedan
When will you upload a video for Iphone 12 pro max ?!
Aaron Vannistelrooy
Aaron Vannistelrooy 5 månader sedan
Overheating coming to Apple
Planet Runner
Planet Runner 5 månader sedan
Wanted to buy a MacBook Pro just these days but now I'm just undecidedd if is should buy the new MacBook Pro m1 16gb or the 10th generation Intel 2.0ghz MacBook. Any advice?
dAvid stArr
dAvid stArr 5 månader sedan
Need to see some benchmarks with pro apps. Hopefully Adobe won't take too long porting over CC.
Cecily Tudor
Cecily Tudor 5 månader sedan
Have the giveaway winners been announced
Angelo Stroska
Angelo Stroska 5 månader sedan
Where the iPhone drop test with like 50 cases
plbeltran93 5 månader sedan
Does this mean we finally get Netflix, hulu etc mac apps?
TechWithTyler 4 månader sedan
I don't know, since some devs have decided to not make their iOS apps available for Mac.
Amjad Malik
Amjad Malik 5 månader sedan
Ho sir can u tell me that y iphone 12 pro is still out of stock in the official stores and y so expensive in other markets even expensive than orignal apple price like pro start 1000 but in other shops is 1500 ????
Patrick Schaller
Patrick Schaller 5 månader sedan
Why haven’t you posted a new iPhone video yet
Dakota Haddock
Dakota Haddock 5 månader sedan
Apple should just target techie people like me, EverythingApplePro, and every other youtubers who like to tinker with their phones and just start making custom and replacement parts and new internals for older models. Like redesigned housings with new finishes and colors (for example a glass back housing for a 8 with the frosty glass finish like the pro models), color matching screens, upgraded logic boards, etc. then they could really be environmentally friendly by keeping devices out of e-waste. But I guess they too greedy or too dumb for that shit. “We removed the charger brick and only provided a cord to help save the environment, we removed the fan for a silent device.” No you removed it just so people could spend more money on accessories and new devices after they purposely break for more money in your pocket. Yeah I see your tricks Apple, you ain’t fooling me. Like it’s my device, let me keep it and do what I want with it.
Shawnesler77 5 månader sedan
Still waiting for you to post an iPad Air 4th gen unboxing..
Munsur Ahmed
Munsur Ahmed 5 månader sedan
The small logic board on apple products always makes it heat up fast
Brandon Benny
Brandon Benny 5 månader sedan
Glad I got my MB Pro a few months ago. I don’t know if I want to be the guinea pig of this new chip :/
torin parsa
torin parsa 5 månader sedan
Why is SElosk down
William Davis
William Davis 5 månader sedan
SElosk is down, no more videos, no more eap, no more videos that show up in your feed randomly, what is going on 2020
William Davis
William Davis 5 månader sedan
SElosk is down
torin parsa
torin parsa 5 månader sedan
I know and it’s so annoying
Hiro Miya
Hiro Miya 5 månader sedan
Please upload your videos in Rumble.
Half Alligator
Half Alligator 5 månader sedan
If they make a suped up macbook air 14" i'd be so sold. Bye bye 16"
Esteban Collazo
Esteban Collazo 5 månader sedan
pageminer42 5 månader sedan
Is there going to be a Phone Rebel case for the iPhone 12?
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