iPhone 12 vs 11 DEEP Water Test! 18 FT Rating Legit? 

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Can iPhone 12 really survive 18 foot depths? 30 FT? iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 extreme deep water test! IP68 6M vs IP68 2M.
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iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro DROP Test!
#iPhone12 #WaterTest

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24 okt 2020



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Makyah Weathers
Makyah Weathers 11 timmar sedan
I have a question so my 11 got literally a drop of pop in the charging port and it says I can’t charge my phone for several hours because a little bit of pop got in my phone
Random Tech
Random Tech Dag sedan
Putting two iPhones into a mesh crate with some rocks and swonging it in the air and dropping it into water afterwards. Sounds like a great idea!!
Samanthax Dag sedan
So when it gets in water, you’re not supposed to turn it off and put it in rice to prevent it from short circuiting?
Barbary Lion
Barbary Lion 3 dagar sedan
Watching on iphone 11 green colour
Tera Hero Idhar Hai
Tera Hero Idhar Hai 5 dagar sedan
I think he is using Dummy fones
Alyxis Exume
Alyxis Exume 5 dagar sedan
Damn they survived
arul mani
arul mani 6 dagar sedan
Any wast iPhone give me I'm india
ronald lazar
ronald lazar 6 dagar sedan
I say still put it in Rice to draw the moisture away from the Speakers 🔊 after prolong uses in water to help 😁👍🏿
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen 6 dagar sedan
I’m pretty sure the fish enjoyed taking selfie’s underwater
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen 6 dagar sedan
Watching the video on my iPhone 11 and I’m like “ baby I spent quite a bit of 100’s on you so ima not risk it” . Good video
Raman Raj
Raman Raj 8 dagar sedan
I am from india...i love iphone pls..give me the used.iphone for me for half rate ...ita was dream..In india iphone rate 🔥..only I sale my kidney and bought a iphone ...pls give me..plss
Funny Berries
Funny Berries 8 dagar sedan
It’s nice, but I wouldn’t try it after having the phone for more then 3 years. I dont Want the water resistance to wear away
Ubaidha Ummer
Ubaidha Ummer 8 dagar sedan
Oh.. U r testing such an expensive phone... And me dont have money to buy an iphone 7 plus....
cinny indy
cinny indy 10 dagar sedan
Give it to me if u just broke them for nothing😭😭😭😭😭
Static 1
Static 1 12 dagar sedan
I think that u need to find deeper water to test these phones from now on. Good video by the way
Jugraj Singh
Jugraj Singh 12 dagar sedan
Which is that lake? What is the name of it?
spiny Gamer
spiny Gamer 12 dagar sedan
He from canada?
Mâ-in rah ꨟꨁꨪꩆ ꨣꩍ
Hi. My name is Tam, I am 30 years old this year, I live in a poor country (Vietnam) I love photography and vlog with my smartphone, but I cannot afford to buy a phone. I hope you will support me. I am in need of an old iphone 128G version for vlogging and nature photography. hope you read my message
Cat Cam
Cat Cam 15 dagar sedan
Imagine not hitting record -💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
pablo Hernandez
pablo Hernandez 15 dagar sedan
remember Jesus and God loves you ❤ 🙏 💖 💕
Melek Bulut
Melek Bulut 16 dagar sedan
Don't you want to gift your broken iPhones
Omar.L 16 dagar sedan
This is why these divers find crazy amount of phones down there 😃
Muhammed aseeb
Muhammed aseeb 16 dagar sedan
Bro please give me an iphone 😢😢
muhammad talha bin mumtaz
muhammad talha bin mumtaz
Ray Khan
Ray Khan 20 dagar sedan
Fun fact: I dropped my iPhone 11 in the sink this is why I searched it up to see if anything bad will happen but he went how much feet?
KeeganS1 20 dagar sedan
Appreciate the 4k60!
Balck Boy
Balck Boy 21 dag sedan
Hello sir give me i phone please
Robin Singh
Robin Singh 22 dagar sedan
Are you so rich that you Just buy a new iPhone 12 just to do test!?? Gosh i wish I had an iPhone I’m saving. If someone will give me an iPhone as gift I’ll be forever grateful
UNKNOWN GOJIRA 24 dagar sedan
I used to watch your vids but I’m watching now
Fadil Malik
Fadil Malik 24 dagar sedan
i wish i could change my phone one day🥺
Ian Cann
Ian Cann 24 dagar sedan
Can get one of those iPhone 12 because you just keep getting new ones?
Mr.Bulldops 25 dagar sedan
Lmao there’s divers down there and they just see a cage with two iPhones in it... but oh shoot it’s locked ☹️
Jose Santiago
Jose Santiago 26 dagar sedan
Nobody: EverythingApplePro: “did some quick thinkingand used rocks” Also EverythingApplePro: “Lets pin down 2 iphones using a screwdriver and a rope”
SayantanGamingOfficial 28 dagar sedan
Watching your videos after 2years later😁
Scroll31 28 dagar sedan
Me : puts the corner of my iphone into the water iPhone: now lets start searching in the safari by ourself and lets see whats the weather looking tomorroww..(:
Scroll31 28 dagar sedan
5:55 iPhones :- oh my here we go again . This dude is a dumb maniac
Stunt Shots
Stunt Shots Månad sedan
Perfect timing I watched this because my iPhone 8 was in my pocket and I went into the pool then it went off so now I can just buy a iPhone 12
Mason Adams
Mason Adams Månad sedan
soon they will have a iphone that is bullet prof
Dzemo DC
Dzemo DC Månad sedan
I love my iPhone 11💜
Khadija Musa
Khadija Musa Månad sedan
He took me for a fool all this years of marriage I never knew he was cheating until *Core_CYBERS* on Insta helped me trapped into his phone💯📱...
TFDrip- Månad sedan
I hate when u do this like bro I could use them phones😭
MR ASISH Månad sedan
I need 😭😭 this
Ethan Pereida
Ethan Pereida Månad sedan
I recently went swimming, jumped strait in and forgot my iPhone 11 in my pocket, thank Jesus its water proof
Versatainment Månad sedan
Alie Swaray
Alie Swaray Månad sedan
deJoylessness Guy
deJoylessness Guy Månad sedan
I fecken hate the divers .
Soph Månad sedan
How do u give the giveaway way to us
Soph Månad sedan
I wish I had an iphone pro max or pro
cookie dem
cookie dem Månad sedan
What rich people do when their bored
IOAN SAUL NAGY Månad sedan
Dai și mie un iPhone 12 pro Max
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed Månad sedan
Bruh the iPhones have the same same camera the 12 and the 11 in this video
lil reloaded
lil reloaded Månad sedan
i think i grt a 11 or 12 pro 🥶
Abby Stephens
Abby Stephens Månad sedan
If you put them in rice that should fix the speakers
Cole L
Cole L Månad sedan
"Where's the money Labowski"
Micky Månad sedan
So if I drop in the the bath tub I’m good
Andraous Hadad
Andraous Hadad Månad sedan
Doesn’t he sound like Anwar??? Like if you think so 👇
Saul Aguirre
Saul Aguirre Månad sedan
Mid air or mid water lol
KommizZ su_ PlayZ
KommizZ su_ PlayZ Månad sedan
That’s not iPhone 12
Hey it's keria
Hey it's keria Månad sedan
The quickest class nouzilly spell because goldfish neurologically spoil amidst a female fertile hill. early, horrible aquarius
Duncan Jacobs
Duncan Jacobs Månad sedan
I know this is random, but which shoe is he wearing? I think it looks absolutely awesome! 👏
Nokia 1100
Nokia 1100 Månad sedan
Wiktor the special
Wiktor the special Månad sedan
Yh but is the speaker fucked or not
Flame Gaming
Flame Gaming Månad sedan
November 3 is my birthday
Sir instead you broke your phone or test how that strong can you help me ☹️😔 . From Philippines" Reason : To use my study and coming birthday and my dream phone ever because i never use iphone . Any iphone sir i appreciate to use my online class . Thank you so much sir ❤️🙏
Odst soldier
Odst soldier Månad sedan
The thing he hasn’t done is water the phone and then charge it
kaden wild
kaden wild Månad sedan
He wastes so much money on nice phones.
Smiley Miley
Smiley Miley Månad sedan
Well I can say that this is the first "18+" rated phone review I have ever seen.
Jamal Netflix
Jamal Netflix Månad sedan
He didn’t check to see if they still charge
Alvin Johnson
Alvin Johnson Månad sedan
How do you pick the giveaway winners
Alvin Johnson
Alvin Johnson Månad sedan
I do not have a phone pls give it to me
Angelo Dimetrius
Angelo Dimetrius Månad sedan
next thing you know the iphones will need decompression stops
Panther Dagger
Panther Dagger Månad sedan
Who cares about deep water?!? How about trying to touch record video once... and then when you thought you were recording.. turns out the damn thing wasn't..!! Or why when you hit the flashlight button.. Nothing happens?!?.. You have to hit it at least 3 times.. How about doing a video about those annoying quirks... Instead of unrealistic scenarios?...
Gilberto Dos Anjos Muhale
Peço esses celulares quebrados por favor vivo em Moçambique
Alexandra Månad sedan
Me: I know my phone is gonna survive the Water but no
TheColinputer Månad sedan
Even though my past 4 iphones have had IP ratings (8+, XR, 11PM, 12PM) I still had that moment of panic a week ago when my cat knocked a glass of water over onto it on the table
April Charm
April Charm Månad sedan
IPhone11 guyas like up
Fletcher Dinnage
Fletcher Dinnage Månad sedan
I’m still scared of taking my phone 12 in the water still tho
Gaurav Gowda
Gaurav Gowda 2 månader sedan
can i have iphone 12 pro white plz
Arete1776 2 månader sedan
John Dean Vher Matira Escultor
Hopefully, I can buy one of them 😭
Alexandra Marie
Alexandra Marie 2 månader sedan
If the iPhone is water safe what happens if u spill soda on it ?
Sarah Reinhold Nielsen
Sarah Reinhold Nielsen 2 månader sedan
Am i the only one wash my phone afterr using it😅my iPhone 11 is fine just dont use much water 💦
ravenwda007 2 månader sedan
dropped my iphone 6 in about a cm of water in the bathtub. It clocked out. shutdown the phone to dry. It was ok the next day.
Cody Eakin
Cody Eakin 2 månader sedan
I can’t wait to go to the lake with my. XR in July but will be in waterproof case
MUSIC FOR LIFE 2 månader sedan
The EXOR 2 månader sedan
Check the spiekers also
Calvin Navarro
Calvin Navarro 2 månader sedan
I came here ‘cause I accidentally spilled some water on the lightning port while it’s charging. I didn’t charge it after for 24 hours. Now, I’m a bit paranoid as my iphone 11’s battery drained inaccurately when it reached 20%. It suddenly became 18%. When I tried to charge it, the battery just went up to 20%. I recalibrated it. Now, my problem is when I’m watching Netflix with full screen brightness, the bottom part of the phone tends to get warm. Am I just being paranoid?
Fast Driver22
Fast Driver22 2 månader sedan
Zed 2 månader sedan
Ohh my god kusy give it to me lol
Lol Po
Lol Po 2 månader sedan
There is a app to eject water The name of the app is eject it actually works
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 månader sedan
Pools have chlorine and other stuff in them. I wouldn’t be as confident. Other things that can break down. Fresh water is different. Just my opinion.
anto 685
anto 685 2 månader sedan
Try it may be in the sea because the salt attack the plastic
Master poko
Master poko 2 månader sedan
Give me iphone for my online class🥰
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh 2 månader sedan
bro donate 1 iphone 2 me
Rich Elizondo
Rich Elizondo 2 månader sedan
Thank you for this, I just got the iPhone 11 and I’ve been scared to keep it in the bathroom playing music while I shower because of the steam... now I feel silly
Steven Lopez Pagan
Steven Lopez Pagan 2 månader sedan
If you wanna eject water from your phone, play the earrape version of boomerang by jojo siwa.
zewdu yoseph
zewdu yoseph 2 månader sedan
i love iphone cell phone but i don't have a money to buy. i love your video very interesting. i am watching all your video.
Justin Batuto
Justin Batuto 2 månader sedan
Can i get 1 phone my phone is broke and lagging🤭 it's android phone i'v never bin on an iphon before 😢🤭
Muna Omer
Muna Omer 2 månader sedan
Slim Davis
Slim Davis 2 månader sedan
I phone 12 please
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