iPhone 12 Mini vs 12 Pro Max DROP Test! Size Matters 

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iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test! Does the 'Toughest glass in any smartphone'.. hold up in bigger or smaller sizes? Ceramic Shield FTW!
Bonus iPhone 12 Pro Max bend test included!
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iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro Drop Test: selosk.info/class/video/nIaUlKKIxXVkzZs.html
#iPhone12ProMax #iPhone12Mini #DropTest

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13 nov 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Kanaye 12 timmar sedan
I don't watch horror movies, I watch drop tests
Nadir Nas
Nadir Nas 14 timmar sedan
instead of you destroying the iphone, better give it to me to use it. still using a iphone 6s
T Jones DJPainkiller
This just hurts to watch them shatter
FLIWOR 2 dagar sedan
Вывод: 12 mini
Kristopher D
Kristopher D 2 dagar sedan
“Size matters” damn that’s what she said 🙄
Aditya Thakur
Aditya Thakur 3 dagar sedan
1 hamai ko da do
MrBeast’s Brother!
MrBeast’s Brother! 3 dagar sedan
7:37 I think the back broke
Fin 4 dagar sedan
every time my heart stops
Ubaidha Ummer
Ubaidha Ummer 5 dagar sedan
Next tym if u had tendency to broke iphone.. Dont do that.... I will Protect it like a treasure that god give to me..... 🙂🙂🙂
Ubaidha Ummer
Ubaidha Ummer 5 dagar sedan
Pls give me one iphone...... Dont destroy itt... plsss...... 😢😭
Ty Budrow
Ty Budrow 6 dagar sedan
these videos were far less stressful before i was buying my own phones
UlPhone 6 dagar sedan
Imagine being a phone excited to see your new owner only to find out it’s eap
Bro can you have me this iPhone 12 Pro max I will happy in that
Anam Kazi
Anam Kazi 7 dagar sedan
Y to break phone instead give me😭😭
Fraden Moses Kizito
Fraden Moses Kizito 8 dagar sedan
Hi may you give me a min that is damaged. Can't afford one here in south Africa please 🙄🙈😁
ARMANDO DIETRICH 8 dagar sedan
Cj Xyz
Cj Xyz 9 dagar sedan
I wish you could just have given it to me🥺😣😂😅
ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
ZiggiesAquatic Exotics 10 dagar sedan
This hurts my soul
Brady Muller
Brady Muller 10 dagar sedan
Yes, cause many people be standing on ladders holding their brand new caseless iPhone 12 above them🧐🧐🙄🙄
christopher hart
christopher hart 10 dagar sedan
Fix itttttttttt
Raymundo Lantin
Raymundo Lantin 11 dagar sedan
pleas give me a phone sir pleas GOD BLESS
zeke hinojosa
zeke hinojosa 12 dagar sedan
I want
zeke hinojosa
zeke hinojosa 12 dagar sedan
Lucas Cássio
Lucas Cássio 12 dagar sedan
Eu queria esses iPhones, cara😭😭
Mijan Rohman
Mijan Rohman 14 dagar sedan
Brother, if you have an iPhone 12 Pro Max broken, I will buy it
CA_SAN2086 15 dagar sedan
Me: Drops my iPhone 12 from knee hight My iPhone: Breaks This video: Drops from 10ft doesn't break Me: :0
Angela Callaghan
Angela Callaghan 16 dagar sedan
I would like an iPhone 12 Pro Max
Angela Callaghan
Angela Callaghan 16 dagar sedan
I would like an iPhone 12 Pro
Illuminati Confirmed
Illuminati Confirmed 16 dagar sedan
I hate peoples like this who are stupid rich that they literally buy all the new phones in every color the day that they come out. They aren’t great full. I have an iPhone 8 still in 2021 and I literally can’t afford a new one
craig murphy
craig murphy 16 dagar sedan
I can't wait to see this
Info Cube
Info Cube 17 dagar sedan
8:27 yup glass in the back is doing terrific.
diosash_1M 17 dagar sedan
Pero a mí no se me cae de esos metros
Muhammad Maqsood
Muhammad Maqsood 17 dagar sedan
Bro you helps the poor
Christian Bulabula
Christian Bulabula 18 dagar sedan
why are you cramming phones 🥱 give me one before 😏
Dragon fruit Mai
Dragon fruit Mai 19 dagar sedan
Thokozani Gabela
Thokozani Gabela 19 dagar sedan
Dear God why am I watching this
Dante Everheart
Dante Everheart 19 dagar sedan
I dropped my iPhone 11 pro from 15 feet high. Back and front shattered 😭
John D'Addario
John D'Addario 20 dagar sedan
The guy makes money breaking iPhones, how cool is that
Paul Lindner
Paul Lindner 21 dag sedan
Why are the phones in the case ad muted
Türkyılmaz 22 dagar sedan
Really nice video! That’s believable! My heart prefer i12 mini. But my decision face screen is better than back screen.
Ibrahim Hero
Ibrahim Hero 22 dagar sedan
This is actually the first phone that has a ceramic shield
バナナばなな 23 dagar sedan
i wish Apple made a iPhone 12 Pro mini
Tyler Edwards
Tyler Edwards 25 dagar sedan
I’m cringing each time they hit
Fawwaz Lubis
Fawwaz Lubis 25 dagar sedan
Me watching 12 pro max being destroyed in 12 pro max itself
Wolf Theta gang
Wolf Theta gang 26 dagar sedan
12 mini reminds me of the 4s
Jahir Mahmud
Jahir Mahmud 26 dagar sedan
Please give me a iPhone 12 mini..
Dearth Maul
Dearth Maul 27 dagar sedan
u should count down from 10 but drop them at 2 so the iPhones wont be ready and after that u can see the real results
JM 186
JM 186 28 dagar sedan
Me: *drops phone 6 cm* Also me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Michael Norris
Michael Norris Månad sedan
Can I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max
Michael Norris
Michael Norris Månad sedan
Can I have the iPhone turn opromax
Michael Norris
Michael Norris Månad sedan
Tanishq Vankar
Tanishq Vankar Månad sedan
Please give me one iphone 12 pro max ☹😯🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Hey Google
Hey Google Månad sedan
Tbh saying it is 4x stronger than the old glass isn't really saying much XD
Casper Kok
Casper Kok Månad sedan
size matters. thats what she said
Arousse Tiedema
Arousse Tiedema Månad sedan
Can i have the iPhone 12 mini that You have dropped
Aleks Stefanov
Aleks Stefanov Månad sedan
Serkan Çayoğlu
Serkan Çayoğlu Månad sedan
Apple and banana
TheFunFunShow Månad sedan
Ugh I wish I could get the iPhone 12 but this dude be breaking it 😅
ShaMino Vlogs
ShaMino Vlogs Månad sedan
ShaMino Vlogs
ShaMino Vlogs Månad sedan
hey brother can you give me a free phone to use
This might hurt for some people but remember your not the one who wasted almost 1900 on iPhone 12 u will be alright.
mj official ff
mj official ff Månad sedan
Please give me a damaged IPhone please mna
mj official ff
mj official ff Månad sedan
Please give me a iPhone please
Maddy Smith
Maddy Smith Månad sedan
my phone would survive 60 ft but met me drop it from chest lvl PFT never 💀
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Månad sedan
Thanks to *williams_tech* on instagram he successfully fixed my iphone 12 pro max God bless..........🇺🇲🇺🇲
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Månad sedan
Thanks to *williams_tech* on instagram he successfully fixed my iphone 12 pro max God bless..........🇺🇲🇺🇲
nate Månad sedan
So the back of my 12 pro max is glass? I thought it was plastic Cause it doesn’t feel right Edit: it’s just frosted glass
이지환 Månad sedan
진짜 돈이 존나 많구만
Corey Rogers
Corey Rogers Månad sedan
What kind sneakers are those, i want
John Eric
John Eric Månad sedan
All thanks to *williams_tech* on instagram he unlocked my iCloud successfully.........🇺🇲🇺🇲
John Eric
John Eric Månad sedan
All thanks to *williams_tech* on instagram he unlocked my iCloud successfully........🇺🇲🇺🇲
Nipa Aktar
Nipa Aktar Månad sedan
NC give me
Márton Mikics
Márton Mikics Månad sedan
Ceramic shield: The phone is breaks completely but he screen is still unbreakeable
Taz Månad sedan
I want to be this Rick where u can buy these phones I’m stuck with a iPhone 6s that gonna go out of date😭
MickyMouseLimited Månad sedan
You must have swept the floor quit clean from any sand or debris because one spec of sand would of shattered the front glass. I guess Apple is paying enough for cleaning the floor. Not everybody can choose to drop the phone on a nice clean and flat floor no wonder you are not trying this in a parking lot were the concrete is not as smooth.
Thor Parker
Thor Parker Månad sedan
3:42 *my friend when he’s counting down before a race*
Ray Handford
Ray Handford Månad sedan
The phone breaks when you drop it on anything but smooth floors, it'll instantly crack if dropped on gravel.
Mohamed gamal
Mohamed gamal Månad sedan
I think the iphone 11pro & 11pro max is more strong glass apple ever made 🤔 is not broken like 12 version 👌
graphite 12 pro max is better
Call me Tony
Call me Tony Månad sedan
Very nice review .....thumbs up
lover boy nani
lover boy nani Månad sedan
Super i lv iphone y cameras
Andrea Orihuela
Andrea Orihuela Månad sedan
I want you and one breaking two that cost dearly 😭
Jaleel Ansar
Jaleel Ansar Månad sedan
Please send me a 12 pro
Kiki Abramson
Kiki Abramson Månad sedan
him and ijustine should get married
Hüseyin • #freeporçay
Adam meyve alır gibi iphone 12 alıyor
Leontine claudio
Leontine claudio Månad sedan
03:02 Amazing, Do you have an iPhone that is locked to icloud ? Now you can use *iRemover* to unlock it, just go to google and search for iremover The familiar Start Menu, which Microsoft replaced with Live Tiles in Windows 8, returned in Windows 10. Users can still access Live Tiles and the touch-centric Metro interface from a panel on the right side of the Start Menu
Melvyn Yadav
Melvyn Yadav Månad sedan
Buddy do not try to bend the phone by your bare hands, bec. If it broke ur wrist will get cut with the glass. Stay safe wear gloves.
Mariana Baltatescu
Mariana Baltatescu Månad sedan
Y/ n
Y/ n Månad sedan
I think 12 mini is better because in the sun the back shines
Назим Темиров
Единственный кто умеет ронять смартфоны.
Oshúa R
Oshúa R Månad sedan
Can you do a scratch test? It’s a frosty back and scared to scratch it without a case
Mara Miller
Mara Miller Månad sedan
Gah. *hugging new iPhone 12 Pro max* It doesn’t have a case yet but I’m ordering one this weekend. I might keep it in the box while I’m at work hahaha.
Sir instead you broke your phone or test how that strong can you help me ☹️😔 . From Philippines" Reason : To use my study and coming birthday and my dream phone ever because i never use iphone . Any iphone sir i appreciate to use my online class . Thank you so much sir ❤️🙏
Yaseergamer12 Game
Yaseergamer12 Game Månad sedan
This Is Fun Look For U Spending Money For Smash Phones 📱 Or Do U What Now NeverMind
Jc Månad sedan
Can you send me all your broken phones lol I’ll take them!
Regulus J
Regulus J Månad sedan
I'm a fan of this channel but the cameraman could have moved lesser. its giving me a headache. Nonetheless my heart broke together with the iPhone :'(
ginaloveian Månad sedan
Dang breaking these expensive phones 🤣🤣🤣🤣 still iPhone 12
Eloise Yule
Eloise Yule Månad sedan
You should try slamming them in a car door cause I accidentally did that to my new SE and it bent and separated but the glass was fine and so was the back it worked fine after that
-AV8R- Månad sedan
By the time you got to the ceiling drop tests, you were dropping phones that were already dropped repeatedly, and in some cases, had also received prior damage. There is something to be said for the inherent durability of a phone that is not ALREADY damaged form prior abuse.
Gilberto Dos Anjos Muhale
Peço esses celulares quebrados por favor
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