iOS 14.2 Beta 1 Released! Everything New 

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iOS 14.2 Beta 1 released with 10+ features/changes. Gorgeous new now playing & airplay interface, Shazam toggle in Control Center & more! Is iOS 14.2 destined for the iPhone 12?
iOS 14 Final Review!
iPhone 12 Pro & AirTags Final Design Leaks!
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17 sep 2020



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haley david
haley david 3 månader sedan
*My sweet grandson tried to give me his old iPhone but he forgot the icloud password for it.i think him keep trying to unlock it made it lock worse or so.we ended up reaching out to **#zinotech11** on Instagram he was able to finally this iCloud lock remove thanks*
Barry Carter
Barry Carter 5 månader sedan
Any idea when 14.2 will be publicly released?
Pinas Sarap
Pinas Sarap 5 månader sedan
❤️❤️❤️For those of you who have good intentions who want to help my brother who is studying in grade 7 and a nephew who is in grade 2 students, both are hardworking even in difficult life, their choice is modular because we have no ability to buy a second hand phone for online class, they still need online to communicate with their teachers, I am not asking for it for my brother and nephew even if it is an old cp model and any brand they will be very satisfied for their study, Gob bless 🙏❤️❤️❤️ may you be blessed. Thank you From philippines🇵🇭
Champagne Papi
Champagne Papi 5 månader sedan
Anybody else getting that "A new IOS 14 update is available ect" constantly?
DaQuake 5 månader sedan
Why can’t I update to iOS 14. It says unable to check for update I’ve literally tried everything to fix it.
Macmac Macalanggan
Macmac Macalanggan 5 månader sedan
I hope u will notice me and u can give me one of ur phone. Just for my brothers online class😊. One of ur subrscriber here☺.
Hari Swargiary
Hari Swargiary 5 månader sedan
Sir , please give me one old any iPhone I'm very very poor person
Ruby Pareek
Ruby Pareek 6 månader sedan
HELLO EverythingApplePro, I am Sankalp Pareek,a die hard fan of yours from India. I am going through a really tough time and I figured out that I could use some help from a highly talented tech youtuber like you. I have been using a 32-bit Windows Vista Desktop since the beginning of this pandemic... I would be really thankful if you give me a decent laptop from your huge collection of gadgets, it would make my life a lot better. I am really serious about this...please reply to this comment if you want to help (everyone please like this comment so that it comes to his notice).
Walter Thomas
Walter Thomas 6 månader sedan
;me already has it ;w; brags ;apple *claps*
Aggrey Nyondwa
Aggrey Nyondwa 6 månader sedan
There is this cancer of location not showing on top of the photo. This needs to be fixed. It’s so frustrating discussions.apple.com/thread/251840364
Simeon Karanov
Simeon Karanov 6 månader sedan
Why you dont make a comparison on all iPhones at ios 13 to 14?
Rhody Uncut
Rhody Uncut 6 månader sedan
What I hope to see is that they add the ability to see the red notification marker on top of custom app icons and also make it so it doesn’t have to open the shortcut menu every time you open a app with a custom icon
ben osowski
ben osowski 6 månader sedan
Is it me or do apps open from the right now?
Harsh Rathod
Harsh Rathod 6 månader sedan
I have an issue with Picture in Picture when playing through Safari (SElosk) it keeps on closing automatically
Sad 6 månader sedan
very nice software but I'm exited to see how this changes the iOS, iPad os, and Mac os performance wise. especially exited how it effects the iPad mouse and keyboard support, because its quite buggy right now.
Genuine Knowledge
Genuine Knowledge 6 månader sedan
I use iPhone 7 and I've got none of those features on my device being updated to iOS 14.2. Anyone help?
Thinesh 36
Thinesh 36 6 månader sedan
Updated 14.2 and some of my apps can’t open 😒 can anyone tell me what’s happening or is there any solution ?
Ghasharib Malik
Ghasharib Malik 6 månader sedan
what wallpaper is he using
Rico Saputra
Rico Saputra 6 månader sedan
how about new emoji??
Rajvir Rajvir singh
Rajvir Rajvir singh 6 månader sedan
WYOhellboy 6 månader sedan
I have never held a modern iPhone. Here he has 2.
Amin Mirza
Amin Mirza 6 månader sedan
Sir I have Iphone 11 Pro Max 256GB It’s on IOS 14.0.1 stable version. But The Music recognition option is not showing in My iPhone. Help Me to Get this.
TechWithTyler 5 månader sedan
14.2 added it and is out now.
arthur reinier guardiario
arthur reinier guardiario 6 månader sedan
Can I receive an iPhone for school ☺️
Ishan Kshirsagar
Ishan Kshirsagar 6 månader sedan
Why can't I find the Shazam one in the CONTROL CENTRE settings?
Heilige Miesmuschel
Heilige Miesmuschel 6 månader sedan
How can i have this nice wallpaper?
Chadwick Berry
Chadwick Berry 6 månader sedan
I guess I’m the only one who’s frustrated that Facebook, SElosk have yet to install or adjust to iOS 14’s PIP mode so it can be use on the two apps.. am I the only IPhone user that feels this way? I shouldn’t have to go to Safari then type in Facebook or SElosk just to use PIP mode when I have the apps. I can’t be the only one thinking like this 🤔
TechWithTyler 5 månader sedan
If an app works with the iPad's PiP, it will work with the iPhone's as well. SElosk doesn't have this because that's a SElosk Premium feature.
Mohamad Hanan
Mohamad Hanan 6 månader sedan
Hey, does it affect the battery or something ? or is it safe
rinie 6 månader sedan
*I can't be the only one who saw him playing BTS Dynamite @ **1:46*
Ryan Zhan Feng
Ryan Zhan Feng 6 månader sedan
curious about the battery life compared to iOS 14
Christian Ortiz
Christian Ortiz 6 månader sedan
can I get this update on an iphone xr ?
Master Bluspark
Master Bluspark 6 månader sedan
The new music interface change in the cc and on lockscreen are terrible. They made the volume grabber bigger and pointlessly made other things smaller. Maybe i should lose my jailbreak now and get iOS 14.1 quick while its signed but have to wait an unknown amount of time until checkra1n supports 14.1 on my device. The watch icon and weather widget were better before too
Xuân Phú Phạm
Xuân Phú Phạm 6 månader sedan
Updated to iOS 14.2 but i dont have the new layout for weather widget (still the stock ios14 widget) and i dont have the new feature in magnifier
Mustang D best220
Mustang D best220 6 månader sedan
I got my iPhone 11 promax on August 22 the phone that I’ve always wanted ever since it came out and I absolutely love it I paid nothing for a two-year plan 64 GB gold but the phones actual price is over $1,555.00 Canadian
Paul 6 månader sedan
ass 6 månader sedan
where them new emojis at
TechWithTyler 6 månader sedan
That could possibly be the only thing a 14.1 release would bring, or it would come later in 14.2.
Cambo Fixing Shorts
Cambo Fixing Shorts 6 månader sedan
iOS 14は高度な機能です
Bradinator 6 månader sedan
woah haven’t watched you in a few months and you have 8M subs now.
StarBoy Kizzy
StarBoy Kizzy 6 månader sedan
After ios 14 update my camera and flashlight won’t work anyone with this problem?
Eva Eve
Eva Eve 6 månader sedan
Hi...I’ve been watching your videos since then in my other account. What can you say about the iphone’s that is dual sim? Is it legit or not? And what does it mean by refurbished iphone? I don’t know about this kind of stuff. Because I only buy mobile phone last 2015 samsung s5 and right now my friend give me a iphone 6. I’m very thankful about it.
Gh B
Gh B 6 månader sedan
There is a problem in ios 14 on my iPhone XS max where when i open the gallery and click on any photo then returning to album , this is when the brightness and lights of screen fade and then go to normal Knowing that it only occurs with gallery and when putting brightness at low Please help report this issue Thanks
Vivek Patlaut
Vivek Patlaut 6 månader sedan
Apple should also include hide notch feature like in Samsung to hide that big ugly notch
Larissa P
Larissa P 6 månader sedan
I’m so confused 😭
Taha Benabdelafou
Taha Benabdelafou 6 månader sedan
hey man , i did the IOS 14 update on my iphone 7 and suddenly app store won't connect i tried almost everything i found on apple help guide and youtube .. !!! CAN YOU HELP ME ? Please , like the comment guys so EAP sees it
david 6 månader sedan
After updating to iOS 14, I have experienced worse battery performance.
Rise-FromAshes 6 månader sedan
How is battery life?
X plorations
X plorations 6 månader sedan
I NEVER GOT 14.2 why
Bri 6 månader sedan
I want custom app icons without shortcuts
your name
your name 6 månader sedan
i got the ios 14 beta, and i deleted the profile and i still cant download the official version, just freezes. ive tried hard resetting, recovery mode, etc.. nothing fixes it
J Marz
J Marz 6 månader sedan
I can't edit live photos for loops etc. since updating to 14.2 Beta release.
Maxwell Erdrich
Maxwell Erdrich 6 månader sedan
most of the new watch faces are gone with the new update hopefully they will be back soon
Nayan Talukdar
Nayan Talukdar 6 månader sedan
Can anyone tell me I went from iOS 13.3.1 to iOS 14...so what happen to all iOS 13 updates like iOS 13.6, 13.6.1, 13.7 etc does it all gets update with iOS 14???
vick sid
vick sid 6 månader sedan
ios beta 14.2 and watchos beta 7.1 has some issues. they removed new watch os faces after update. i dont see those watch faces on my iphone 11 pro and watch series 5.
McLovin 6 månader sedan
Mirror camera option not there on iPhoneX. Can we expect in new releases ??
Thomas Baker
Thomas Baker 6 månader sedan
Who else knows about when u double tap the back of your phone it goes to the Home Screen??? U have to change it in settings
iReeview 6 månader sedan
i woke up with an ios 14. auto update
Bryan Strong
Bryan Strong 6 månader sedan
Are they improving the battery life issue yet on iOS 14?
Ashok Shrest
Ashok Shrest 6 månader sedan
android is still ahead in terms of software features
James S
James S 6 månader sedan
can I just say apple really needs to make custom app shortcut's deletable
Mohammed saad Ben Hossain
Mohammed saad Ben Hossain 6 månader sedan
And what about battery
Parker Klimek
Parker Klimek 6 månader sedan
When is iOS 14.2 coming out?
mohammad alamin
mohammad alamin 6 månader sedan
Your hand damage 😭
Nabeel Nabs
Nabeel Nabs 6 månader sedan
What about keypad bugs? When someone text me on whatsapp i swipe down to reply but most of the times keypad doesn’t show. 2. Sometimes when i am chatting keypad disappears and i can see the only clean screen not keypad but if i press the keypad area i can write but keys are disappear, i always close the chat and reopen it to fix this.
Ahmed 6 månader sedan
Once i updated to ios 14 , the camera and the flashlight aren’t functioning. Anyone ?
Krishal Parajuli
Krishal Parajuli 6 månader sedan
I cannot setup my face id in ios 14 please someone help me. Error problem is that it cannot read my face
patience 6 månader sedan
when i had ios 14 beta my phone glitched so much so now imma wait and be patient for once lmao
Daniel Conant
Daniel Conant 6 månader sedan
Ok so what can i watch with spatial audio cause it said turned on for movies and tv shows that are supported and I tried watching something on Netflix and it sounded the same
desmond 6 månader sedan
I really hope they can let you choose a “default music app” just like you can now choose a default web browser or email app
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams 6 månader sedan
When is your boss making a no notch iphone!!
The Jaunpur Dialogues
The Jaunpur Dialogues 6 månader sedan
I have beta profile but do not get any notifications of 14.2 beta version for download
Rashad Adams
Rashad Adams 6 månader sedan
What case are those ? I like them .
deasy yuli anitasari
deasy yuli anitasari 6 månader sedan
Aku mau
Arjan Binaku
Arjan Binaku 6 månader sedan
Can someone help me when i try to update my phone it says unable to check for update i have cydia but i cant delete it since i dont have uncover and cant install it someone please help
Rebel084 6 månader sedan
IOS 14 is the reason why switching to a IPhone
Chrisara xo
Chrisara xo 6 månader sedan
Soundhound is better 1:19
karthik p
karthik p 6 månader sedan
Imp and my fav thing almost all yters didnt notice, You unlock your phone to same home screen you locked it into. Like you have 3 home screens and you locked your phone on middle screen, when you unlock its Middle one you unlock to.
Mason 163
Mason 163 6 månader sedan
Why haven’t I got this on my iPhone XR yet
Mehdi Azir
Mehdi Azir 6 månader sedan
I want i iphone 11pro
Andy Lee
Andy Lee 6 månader sedan
i hate the app library tbh i wish I could hide that too
Darren Wong
Darren Wong 6 månader sedan
Any idea the source for screensaver / wallpaper EAP used on his monitor?
Emily Denise
Emily Denise 6 månader sedan
Someone help me please?????
Emily Denise
Emily Denise 6 månader sedan
Jay Galbraith I can’t send videos to anyone who doesn’t have an iPhone it says not delivered and I press try again and it keeps saying that I don’t know how to fix it I restarted my phone twice and it won’t work
Jay Galbraith
Jay Galbraith 6 månader sedan
Emily Hernandez what do you need help with, I gotchu
VOLT GAMING 6 månader sedan
Idk why iOS feels so smooth I used top android with 120 hz etc but iOS is just so smooth in animation
Lucas Mello
Lucas Mello 6 månader sedan
Is it just me, or the weather widget looks totally different than this? 2:48
TechWithTyler 6 månader sedan
It seems like the weather widget changes a lot.
Carlos Primo
Carlos Primo 6 månader sedan
It's stupid how it doesn't work for Spotify but it does for Apple Music ;(
Manas Manu
Manas Manu 6 månader sedan
New iPhone update?
TechWithTyler 6 månader sedan
It's a beta for the "next" update. I can't say if this is the next next, or if 14.1 is not going to be tested.
Craig O
Craig O 6 månader sedan
So much more with the widgets. Ie drag supported apps and remove photos, music, weather and keep/ add the ones I want. Also peek and pop - no more swipe up for new tab. Need more work.
iCed [FR]
iCed [FR] 6 månader sedan
What about the bug ? 🤨
Emily Denise
Emily Denise 6 månader sedan
Emily Denise
Emily Denise 6 månader sedan
Someone HELP ME I I CANT SEND VIDS TO PPL WHO DONT HABE IPHONES I RESETED MY Phone 2 times and it’s still doing ten same thing and when I have to put my password in the numbers are on top of the screen!!!!!
BebaHaid 6 månader sedan
Will it fix camera problems with older models
The Windows98 Gamer
The Windows98 Gamer 6 månader sedan
Clare _
Clare _ 6 månader sedan
Didn’t iOS 14 just come out?
TechWithTyler 6 månader sedan
The beta cycle never stops.
Galaxy_Inquisitor 2193
Galaxy_Inquisitor 2193 6 månader sedan
Perhaps this will make up for the lack of iPhone 12
TechWithTyler 6 månader sedan
It's coming one of these days…
joshua gassmann
joshua gassmann 6 månader sedan
iOS is turning into android and no one wants to admit it
ROCKAFELLA GURUNG 6 månader sedan
I am not sure but he is coming up with non sense content video these days. We need quality not quantity bro
Laksh Jadwani
Laksh Jadwani 6 månader sedan
What’s handwashing?
Lady 6 månader sedan
Hi ! Is there reachability function in ios 14?
patman 6 månader sedan
My camera wasn't working since I have updated to ios 14 I hope this newer update fix that
TechWithTyler 6 månader sedan
For something like that I expect a 14.0.1.
tanzie brown
tanzie brown 6 månader sedan
Did it come out Fr
Ahamed Saniul Maheraj
Ahamed Saniul Maheraj 6 månader sedan
If I want to update my iPhone 7 with iOS 14 will it good for my device ? Please answer @EAP
Wp gaming
Wp gaming 6 månader sedan
where is favourite calls without open mobile ?
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