Fresh iPhone 13 Pro Leaks! Touch ID, New Lens, No Port, 120Hz & More! 

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All the latest iPhone 13 Pro leaks. New camera lens design, in-screen Touch ID, no lightning port, 120Hz LTPO display, LiDAR on 13/13 Mini & more!
Phone Rebel Gen-2 Crystal cases launch next week for $30! Sign up for the pre-order drop alert at phonerebel.com/
All Gen-2 Crystal Improvements;
- Ridiculously durable, made to protect your investment at any height.
- Highest quality materials & production processes. Made to last.
- Very tight & precise fit, speaker ports & camera aligned on the dot.
- Easy to swipe from all directions with our unique corner ‘claws’ providing maximum distance between your screen/rear finish & the ground.
- Greatly improved scratch resistant coating on inside & outside layers.
- Designed for maximum holding comfort with shaved sides, rear palm slants & our pinky rest 👌
- Very satisfying button clicks
- Improved dust barrier
- Genuine FLOLAB NanoArmor screen protector included.
- Works with any wireless charger, MagSafe works but doesn’t stick well. (Gen-2 Rebel Series will fully support MagSafe)
- $30 + free shipping (domestic)
- We promise you will not get the aesthetics, the quality, the durability and the value from any other brand.
Website is being updated for our imminent launch, stay tuned. Drop test next 😁

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25 jan 2021



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Peter Dignity
Peter Dignity 7 timmar sedan
Please buy me an IPhone 12 Pro Max🙏🙏🙏
Kathy Taylor
Kathy Taylor 10 timmar sedan
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Verdous 11 timmar sedan
im using the galaxy10s plus and im kinda tired of galaxy, not beccuase its not convinient its only ccuz the camera sucks d**** should i buy the 12pro max or wait for the 13?
L.M S Dag sedan
I will stay with my I phone 11 till they remove notch🤨🧐🧐🧐
Ecsobar Sam
Ecsobar Sam Dag sedan
Thanks to analog_ hacks for giving me iPhone 13pro max
Laura Brown
Laura Brown Dag sedan
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Laura Brown
Laura Brown Dag sedan
In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here: livesoundproof.com/best-soundproof-curtains/
Abbas Hamzakhel
Abbas Hamzakhel Dag sedan
this is all fake
Ben Thorne
Ben Thorne Dag sedan
I’ve long wondered why phones still have ports. Haven’t plugged my phone into anything but the car for years, and that’s only to get CarPlay working.
Aisha Abdullah
Aisha Abdullah Dag sedan
*PASCAL_HACKED* fixed mine with no stress 100% LEGIT work
J S 2 dagar sedan
love it
m b
m b 2 dagar sedan
If it comes out without a charge port I will be prepared to switch to android as much as i hate them i have been using apple device’s since the iphone 4. Im really starting to feel like apple is violating or disrespecting its customers it is so ridiculous they still have a silent switch that always break but they plan to remove the port.
Paully.G 2 dagar sedan
fucking hell I feel like I need to hold off til the iphone 13 now. Why Apple why I am on a SE and I need the best phone, but 12 could be a mistake lol
Zaid Zito
Zaid Zito 3 dagar sedan
Should I pay for your hairdresser 💇
Patrick Andreica
Patrick Andreica 3 dagar sedan
No camera outside the case
mohsin ali
mohsin ali 4 dagar sedan
want 13mini😍😍💋
Bilal Ghumman
Bilal Ghumman 4 dagar sedan
Bulent Sen
Bulent Sen 4 dagar sedan
Why does no one ever talk about physical dual sim possibilities? Currently only available in Hong Kong, but when will this be available in Europe, Turkey. People talk about, camera, etc...
Andrew Casanova
Andrew Casanova 5 dagar sedan
iPhone 13 pro should have more than 12 magapickzel
Eric Jaimez
Eric Jaimez 6 dagar sedan
When is coming out ??
Tusar Nayem
Tusar Nayem 6 dagar sedan
Beat one 🥰🥰
Orlando 7 dagar sedan
Nathan Green
Nathan Green 7 dagar sedan
When is it fucking comeing out
Arooba Aroobay15
Arooba Aroobay15 7 dagar sedan
When it is launching?
Aidan Zuber
Aidan Zuber 7 dagar sedan
You likely will never see this, but stay healthy man. I’ve seen your videos for so long now, since I was 9 or 10 years old. I’m now about to be 18. You’ve impacted a lot of young, impressionable children in a wholesome and kind way. Keep teaching what you do!
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes 9 dagar sedan
Glad you are back hope all is well.Always enjoy Deb.💯👌✌
Torrence Cartledge
Torrence Cartledge 9 dagar sedan
Welcome back
Ashley Rosas
Ashley Rosas 9 dagar sedan
Interesting and very informative video , welcome back!
Gi em Las Vegas
Gi em Las Vegas 10 dagar sedan
মুখ ও মুখশ ২
Why does iPhone use IPS display? Why doesn't the iPhone use an super amoled display like Samsung's?
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
Bad apple 🍏
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
Apple bad
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
Apple bad
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
Apple bad
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
Apple bad
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
Apple bad
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
Apple baf
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
Apple bad
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
Apple baf
herojack tfg
herojack tfg 10 dagar sedan
Apple bad
masud parvez
masud parvez 11 dagar sedan
jaeluatl 11 dagar sedan
Glad your back. 🙏🏾👍🏾✊🏽💪🏾
Ekis 777
Ekis 777 11 dagar sedan
IL keep my old ass XR
Andrew Voltz
Andrew Voltz 11 dagar sedan
No port? I’m sticking with the iPhone 12
Shawn S
Shawn S 9 dagar sedan
Samsung removed the expandable sd on the galaxy S6 later to bring it back, some changes should never be made forcing wireless charging is one of them.
eric maurer
eric maurer 13 dagar sedan
Still with the notch? Stupid
Arab Sheikh
Arab Sheikh 13 dagar sedan
how easy it is for me take to it
Arab Sheikh
Arab Sheikh 13 dagar sedan
how easy it is for me take it
WatchDan bit
WatchDan bit 13 dagar sedan
Sounds like everything Samsung has already had...but Apple branding it as new.....typical apple users living in the past...
Frexkles_choxolate 14 dagar sedan
King Yeager
King Yeager 14 dagar sedan
Just got my Rebel Crystal case for iPhone 12Pro Max. Great quality product.
KW 14 dagar sedan
Or they do it completely flat we need an all black color...
Chenz Gonz
Chenz Gonz 15 dagar sedan
I just hope apple will not make it expensive since we are all facing financial crisis this days due to this pandemic
Sipwu rewonip 101
Sipwu rewonip 101 15 dagar sedan
That’s fake
Paul Young
Paul Young 17 dagar sedan
Unless apple checks their ego at the door into automotive industry, and stop treating the companies they talk to like their subsidiaries, apple car will never happen. I my opinion.
RandomPersondfgb 18 dagar sedan
I wonder if the ‘iPhone 13’ will have 8GB of ram? 🤔
Vegetto SSJ
Vegetto SSJ 18 dagar sedan
I don't like the camera part. I like it the way is it now, is not necessary to make it full black
Gil Fabian
Gil Fabian 18 dagar sedan
I was thinking about switching to Apple. But these " new" tech upgrades have been new two years ago on my Samsung when I bought it
Yahiya Abbas
Yahiya Abbas 19 dagar sedan
I am from Bangladesh Please please give me A iPhone 13 pro
Able Huruy
Able Huruy 19 dagar sedan
Me: Should they call it iPhone 13 Friends: Nah they should call it iPhone 1 3 or iPhone Teen
David Nek
David Nek 19 dagar sedan
Request to , provide the full memory acess see by the attached of USB cable and download file from youtube features and galary sperate whatspp pic save and provide the home button guester to diffrent and there are eiditing of app , secure file folder and screen time to 24?h locked
GoSu 20 dagar sedan
Pretty cool. But my p30pro had touch ID 2 years ago. Really hard to convince myself to spend 1k and upgrade.
Lovely Joy Bello
Lovely Joy Bello 21 dag sedan
hi glad to see you
SumBoooDee 21 dag sedan
I want that case! can’t wait for April might order 3
How can I transfer my 10gig files on my Mac? 😂😂😂 sneaky Apple they want you to spend more money on iCloud subscription.
M Munib
M Munib 21 dag sedan
Dumbs will buy it... Not matter what
ARIES 22 dagar sedan
I want to upgrade my iPhone... I like 11 pro max. But 13 looks nice too... help me to decide 😉
soulless one
soulless one 22 dagar sedan
When are the iphone battery going to meet 2021 any battery under 4000 mah is just junk dont forget iphone lovers get all the chargers you will need to keep your phone going all day backup batteries hurry
Aser Lewis
Aser Lewis 22 dagar sedan
I’m just going to hold onto my 8plus until iphone14 comes Touch ID is totally me
José Francisco
José Francisco 22 dagar sedan
Edward 22 dagar sedan
It’s Touch ID or still sticking with the 8. Apple just thought everyone would just fall in line, F that crap. I usually pickup a new phone once a year, tried the 11, but imputing passwords vs no Touch ID sucked, set it back after a few days. They could have sold me at least 3 new phones by now, but they want your facial ID ! Still waiting Apple....
Krythix 22 dagar sedan
Your voice sounds like you were sad the whole time recording this video, maybe that's just me, hope you're ok EverythingApplePro EAP
NG_Phasma YT
NG_Phasma YT 22 dagar sedan
Nobody wants a foldable phone and a port less phone that’s stupid
Mardy Show
Mardy Show 23 dagar sedan
Nothing change!!! 🙄
Lincoln 23 dagar sedan
the only way i wont be mad at their choice to remove the lightning port is if they bring back the 3.5mm jack
Paolo Pan
Paolo Pan 24 dagar sedan
greedy company. damn.
HardBass 24 dagar sedan
If it’s 120 hz and 4 cameras I’m buying it ... also I don’t care if lighting port goes away I like better the mag safe for gaming and using AirPods guarantees good latency and sound quality so it’s no longer a harsh switch.
Justin Lawser
Justin Lawser 24 dagar sedan
Ok this is ridiculous
Sandra E. Perez
Sandra E. Perez 25 dagar sedan
I love iPhones too!
Kristine Balcos
Kristine Balcos 25 dagar sedan
he looks hot
Durrrrr 25 dagar sedan
Man iphone is so behinde against samsung s21.
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Pacheco 21 dag sedan
Hahahahaha No
DRONE SKY VIEW 25 dagar sedan
Case is waaaaay to FAT
Jun 25 dagar sedan
I hate it how i get a new phone but then apple releases a new version
pvbergman 26 dagar sedan
I love apple products, but for the god sake they can’t fix bigsur update bugs and someone’s is talking about apple car 😂😂😂😂
Hafiz 26 dagar sedan
Dear first of all they gonna give different name not IPhone 13
Tminusfive 26 dagar sedan
Glad your back my guy, keep your head up
trancemuter 27 dagar sedan
having no ports would be the stupidest thing ever... would leave out professional audio
Benjoe Birung
Benjoe Birung 27 dagar sedan
I hope they upgrade the battery :D
Tamie Talley
Tamie Talley 28 dagar sedan
It’s good to see you again. I hope you and your loved ones have been healthy through this past difficult year.
Dalton Brennan
Dalton Brennan 28 dagar sedan
If it's going to take them 5 years to be able to put their own chips for the data slash internet then they need to go and start working on 6th Street chips that are backwards compatible with 5G because by then they're going to be mainstream and just like everything else wants something is mainstream it is instantly outdated...
Ceira K
Ceira K 28 dagar sedan
And I bet it won’t even come with the wireless charger I guarantee they will make you buy that separately it seems like with every phone they come out with they take one more thing away before you know it you will only get half the phone and buy the other half separately at this damn point geesh Apple Is getting more and more expensive
Rod Cent
Rod Cent Månad sedan
Hey bro! I hope you're well right now. Been a subscriber ever since.
Daniah Wade
Daniah Wade Månad sedan
MJSM Månad sedan
Hoping for the next iPhone to be called iPhone M instead of the 13.
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